April 4,2022

How to Play Roulette in Online Casinos

Roulette Guide

It is a game of chance. What is more, this game has a history going back several centuries. Of course, roulette is not as old as dice, but there is a trail of versions of its origins going back a long, long way. Learning the rules of this game is not difficult. Moreover, this is facilitated by web casinos, which provide roulette slot machines in demo mode — without registration and for free. 

A gambler cannot boost their luck for sure, but finding a winning strategy is an achievable mission. These are the game’s demo simulators, where there is no financial risk involved, come in handy again. In this article, we are going to reveal all the points regarding roulette gameplay online, where to play and how to get winnings.

Understanding How Roulette Is Played

Before starting to play this game for real funds, just learn casino roulette game rules. Here they are. The croupier throws the ball on the spinning wheel in the opposite direction to its rotation. The ball, after a few spirals, falls into a pocket or notch with numbers on it.

Players have the opportunity to:

  • Guess which number will fall out;
  • Bet on multiple numbers, or a combination;
  • Guess the characteristics of the next number (Black/Red, Odd or Even, Large/Small.

The payout depends on how the bet was made. What is more, players can place several minimum and maximum bets simultaneously and combine different types of bets, the only limit is the maximum possible bet on a particular game table.

Roulette Bets — All Betting Systems Explained

Roulette Betting Systems Explained

There are three main types of bets, two of which are used in any version of roulette, including European, French, and American Roulette in both land-based casinos and online casinos.

The first two types of bets, internal bets and external bets, are determined by the position of a number or combination of numbers on the roulette table.

The third type of bet is Verbal bets that are determined by the location of the numbers on the roulette wheel and usually have its own special field — the projection of the wheel — the track for verbal bets.

Straight Bet

This is the simplest roulette betting system on a single number. A straight bet can be placed on any of the 38 boxes. There can be more than one straight bet. Each player is allowed to bet on 38 different direct bets. Like all bets, a straight bet wins or loses on the next spin of the wheel. Any number of different numbers can be bet.

Split Bid on Two Numbers

Betting on two adjacent numbers at the same time. There are 62 different ways to place a split bet. A split bet gives two numbers, which are drawn the next time the wheel is spun. A roll of either number means a win. If one of the numbers wins, the player receives a payout.

Bet on Red or Black 

If you wish to bet on red or black, the chips should be placed in the centre of the left-hand area of the table, where betting places are coloured black and red. This bet is preferred not only by beginners, but also by experienced online roulette players. By betting on red, the player has a better chances of winning compared to inside bets. Unfortunately, betting payouts are considerably reduced and are made on a 1 to 1 basis.

Betting on an Odd or Even Number

The only difference between this bet and the previous one is that the player bets on whether the winning number will be an even or odd number. Thus, there are only two choices. Chips have to be placed in the boxes marked PAIR for even and IMPAIR for odd. Even or odd betting is paid out in the same way as red/black betting.

Square (Carré)

Betting on four numbers. The payout is 8 to 1. The chip is placed on a cross of lines spanning the four numbers.

Column Bet

Betting on one of the three longitudinal lines on the roulette wheel. Either on numbers 1 to 34 (first column), or 2 to 35 (second column), or 3 to 36 (third column). It pays 2 to 1. The Column bet is a common stake in a French version. 

How to Start Playing Online Roulette

A beginner player for money needs to determine the size of his pot. They need to calculate how much funds they are ready to spend without affecting a financial situation. If you determine in advance an amount that you can afford to spend for gambling online, you will not have much frustration afterwards.

Anyway, professional players advise beginners to follow some rules that will help them play any kind of roulette successfully. These recommendations include:

  • Keeping a sober mind in different gambling situations;
  • Choose a table with lower stakes to begin with;
  • Do not rush, just let your emotions cool down.

Can You Win Money Playing Roulette?

Winning at roulette is real, earning at it is not. Every person has to remember the game of roulette is a game of luck, with only one winner — an online casino. We recommend treating this game like a method of having fun not earning. Obviously, it is possible to win some amount of money but a player should not rely on permanent income from playing online roulette in casinos. Always remember about responsible gambling.

Well-known Roulette Strategy Systems List

There is still a discussion as to whether winning at roulette is a matter of doing something, or if you have a degree in mathematics, or are just going to get lucky. Here is the list of the most widespread roulette strategies that people apply while playing this game.

The Martingale system

The player bets either only on red or only on black. After each loss, the bet is doubled until there is a win. The player then bets on the other colour and acts on the same principle. In case of a zero, a double bet is made on the colour opposite to the one chosen at the beginning of the game. It is advisable to start with a bet of $1.

Method 5 of 6 

To play online roulette using this method, you must bet on five groups of six. This strategy is good in case there is a possibility to make big bets, because in case of losing you need to increase the bets exponentially. For example, we bet $1 on a group, for 5 groups we get $5. In case of losing, we will need to put on the same groups in total already 25 dollars and so on.

The Biarritz System 

It is a very simple strategy — choose one number and bet 36 times on it. In the case of a loss, we lose $36 (with an initial bet of $1), but are still on their own, if the winnings fall on the 36th run. And we get the income when the lucky number comes up.

How to Bet Using Roulette Strategy and Win

Is it possible to win at any online casino by playing roulette according to the rules of the listed strategies and systems? This is how beginners usually phrase the question, without specifying the other important and meaningful conditions of the game on which the correct answer depends.

There is no purely mathematical roulette strategy that would allow the player to completely eliminate losses. Moreover, no betting strategy is able to influence the mathematical profitability of the game.

Understand the Roulette Wheel: How Does it Work?

Roulette Wheel Explained

Honestly speaking, the layout of the roulette wheel is slightly different for the European and American versions. The latter has two zeros and is considered to be more complex in terms of winnings. Now we are going to reveal the peculiarities of different roulette wheel versions and explain what is the best variant to play and win.

American Roulette Wheel with Double Zero

American Roulette is quite different from European and French Roulettes. This game of chance originated in America after the French roulette was brought there. Of course, its current version did not emerge in one day, but was developed over decades. But in this form American Roulette wheel with two zeros has existed for the second century, not only in casinos in the Americas, but in casinos around the world, including online casinos.

The major aim of the game is to guess which sector the ball will fall into:

  • 37 red and black alternating sectors on the wheel: numbers from 1 to 36;
  • 2 green sectors: zero (0) and double zero (00), giving you an advantage in the casino.

European Roulette Wheel Sequence

European roulette is a widespread title in the gambling industry. It is not uncommon to find casinos offering players the chance to play one-zero roulette. The layout of the European roulette table differs from the American roulette table only in the presence of one zero.

The European roulette wheel consists of two main parts, one of which is a static bowl for the acceleration of the ball, the other is a rotating cage with numbers on the axle and bearing, where the ball actually hits. In the centre of the wheel is the turret, which is often only a decorative element.

French Roulette Wheel Sequence

Here is the ancestor of the now common European and American roulettes. The name of the game comes from the French for “little wheel”. The roulette wheel was invented in the 17th century by French mathematician and physicist Blaise Pascal. 

The layout of the French roulette wheel separator is similar to that of the European roulette wheel: a green zero sector and red and black sectors with numbers from 1 to 36 alternating in a certain order. The numbers are located from the zero sector in a strictly defined order – 18 numbers to the left and right of the zero.

Practice Roulette Online for Free

Start your journey with the free game. The test version will help gamblers to learn the rules and gain a little useful experience. A newcomer to the web can always play roulette for free, unlike in a real gambling hall. 

By choosing the demo mode, the player will be able to understand the rules and features of this game without the risk of losing money in the process. This is a great option not only for novice gamers, but also for more experienced gamers who decide to try a roulette variant with different rules.

If roulette is your thing, look out for the gambling sites that allow customers to win. If you have to choose from popular operators that have proven their integrity to their customers, you should look at the following places:


PlayOjo Roulette game online section

This online casino brings an abundance of online gaming, offering generous bonuses and many great slot machines — over 500 titles. PlayOjo casino is licensed by the UK Gambling Authority and complies with a fair gaming policy. The operator was awarded the prestigious Rising Star Award at the EGR Operator Awards in London and was also shortlisted for the EGR Socially Responsible Operator Award. 

The casino site has a separate section dedicated to Roulette game online — where players can enjoy classic online roulette titles including French, American, and European versions. What is more, live dealer roulettes are available as well. PlayOjo cooperates with the most famous game developers, including NetEnt, Microgaming, WMS, Evolution, NextGen, and others.

PlayOjo Roulette


Slotnite Roulette Variations

This gambling site started its activity in 2019, which boasts one of the most impressive software from the top developers like NetEnt, Microgaming, Genesis, Big Time Gaming, NYX, etc. The operator is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority, two reputable regulators worldwide.

On this web casino, players will find over 1,200 games including table titles like 3D European Roulette, Double Ball Roulette, and other enjoyable versions. Slotnite provides a high-quality intuitive mobile version of the site — every smartphone is supported.

Dream Vegas

Dream Vegas various versions of Roulette

This gambling site has almost 100 different game suppliers, allowing them to offer a huge variety of games including Roulette game, Baccarat, Blackjack, slot machines, Live games, Poker variants, Progressive jackpot games. In general, more than 800 games are presented at DreamVegas. 

By the way, the operator provides a separate section of online roulette where customers can find various versions of this game. The service works on a variety of operating systems — we mean iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones and tablets. The casino’s activity is controlled by the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority regulators.

Yako Casino

Yako Casino Roulette Variations

The casino has licenses from two authoritative regulating organizations as Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and the UK Gambling Commission. 1,200+ games are available for UK players on this casino site. Speaking about Roulette online, there are titles that include live roulette and slots. Yako Casino runs on a number of respected software platforms from Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Microgaming, Blueprint, and others.

Yako Casino Roulette variations


Bitstarz Roulette

This casino is a gaming platform where people are allowed to use bitcoins and litecoins for playing. The operator provides software from such developers as Microgaming, NetEnt, AMATIC, Yggdrasil, Play’n GO, Betsoft, Evolution Gaming, iSoftBet, EGT, Pragmatic Play, and other reliable suppliers. In the table game section, players can find various titles of live Roulette and classic versions of this game.

Tips for Playing Roulette Game

First of all, Roulette is a game of chance and the gambling edge house always leaves a small margin, so it is important to use helpful tips and advice when playing this table game. Here is the list of the QYTO experts recommendations for responsible users.

Practise for Free Online

Online roulette is a little different, because one or even 100 spins will not give you any useful information about the other players at the table or the fairness of their play. However, that does not mean that you should immediately wager all your money on a game where there isn’t enough experience. The best way to learn how to play and win at roulette online is to start by playing for free.

Avoid Losing Strategies

You should not use aggressive roulette strategies. This is especially true of Martingale. This tactic involves doubling your bet when you lose. If the user has a limited budget, 3-4 consecutive failures will cause irreparable damage to the gambler.

Do Not Rely on Previous Game Results

Previously drawn numbers have no effect on the results of future draws. This advice is most often violated by gamblers. It should be understood that even if a black number appears 5 times in a row, the chances of it appearing on the next spin will be the same as before.



What Is Standard Casino Roulette Wheel Size?

The typical size of an official casino roulette wheel is 32.

Should I Play Roulette at the Casino?

For a new gambler, it is particularly important to choose a game that will allow you to take your first steps in the gambling world. Many players believe that roulette is not a good option, as the casino’s advantage is greater than in blackjack (0.5%). The validity of such opinions can only be assessed by looking at all the features of roulette.

Is Online Roulette Really Random?

As you know in offline roulette playing, an outcome is totally random. Speaking about the online version of the game, the situation is the same. Especially, in online slots, the random number generator is responsible for the fair result and its randomness.

What Kind Of Roulette To Choose For A Beginner?

There are two main types of roulette European and American. Professionals with a long experience in the game advise fresh gamers to choose the first option. The reason is that European roulette has only one zero sector. In the American sector, there are as many as two zero sectors.

Therefore, the odds for beginners in European Roulette will be higher, while the risk of loss is reduced. As for the third main kind of roulette, French roulette, most experienced gamblers advise newcomers not to approach it at all. French roulette has too many aspects that will be difficult for beginners to learn and understand.

How To Become Better At Roulette?

If you want to increase your skills in roulette, practicing is a perfect way to become a professional. First, it is best to choose an operator on the basis of several criteria. The casino should be large and have been in existence for at least a few years. Second, a casino has to provide a free game (a demonstration mode) where people can try their luck and estimate their expertise.